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Sending marketing emails using Outlook? You might want to reconsider that move. You ask why, there are quite a few rationales why. Though Outlook is an amazing tool, it is not really meant for sending out bulk marketing emails. Email marketing campaigns call for keeping in touch with a long list of contacts on a regular basis,...
It is puzzling to understand the optimal number of contacts to add to your list for a great marketing strategy. You don’t want to undershoot it and not be casting a wide enough net to drive results. But, you also don’t want to be spending too much time and energy on your email list and not be...
The Holiday season begins from Halloween in October and lasts all the way to the New Year and a few weeks beyond. This is a very important period for marketers across industries whether B2C or B2B. US and Canadian consumers typically spend between 1000-1100 USD during this season. Over half of this spend is on gifts, one fourth...
Consider this. What happens if your email doesn’t arrive in the inbox? – Your customers won’t receive their account alerts. – They’ll miss out on special offers from their favorite brands. – They’ll never know that special someone wants to meet them. – They won’t receive a confirmation of their order. – They won’t see...
The holiday season is right around the corner! Considering that holiday spending is expected to clock a new high of $6.16 billion this year, we hope that your email marketing campaign to capture buyers’ attention is already underway. After all, this low-cost, high-ROI digital marketing channel is your best bet to drive up conversions. Even so, getting your...
Planning a great Christmas email campaign is crucial to your shop’s holiday success. Although social media marketing might seem like the trendy thing to do at the moment (and it is worth investing in if you do it right), email marketing campaigns are inexpensive and can actually be very effective despite seeming “old-fashioned”. Today, let’s...

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