4 Reasons You Should Avoid Sending Your Marketing Emails Via Outlook


Sending marketing emails using Outlook? You might want to reconsider that move. You ask why, there are quite a few rationales why. Though Outlook is an amazing tool, it is not really meant for sending out bulk marketing emails. Email marketing campaigns call for keeping in touch with a long list of contacts on a regular basis, which can get difficult with Outlook. And as your brand image is at stake with each email, the emails need to look engaging and professional, which isn’t exactly possible with emails sent through Outlook.  If you think these reasons aren’t enough for you to make a transition from Outlook to an email marketing software, have a look at the 4 major reasons why the Uplers are preaching you to make this transition.

Here Are The Big 4:

1. Unappealing Emails 

The design quality and format options that Outlook permits are not very attractive, and on top of that you can never be sure that an email that looks good in Outlook will look the same when opened by recipients with email clients like Yahoo and Gmail. Using an email marketing software ensures such limitations are overcome efficiently, which in turn ensures that your brand is depicted in a good light in front of your subscribers. All the leading ESP platforms enable you to customize your email designs and send out emails with your own branding.

2. Inconspicuousness of the unsubscribe button

Having an unsubscribe button in each email is quintessential and if people can’t see this ever important button, it’ll only spell trouble for you. Unlike email marketing software, Outlook isn’t designed with this standard option, so if subscribers don’t find the button – yes, you guessed it right – they’ll spam you! And this will definitely lower your domain reputation. And just in case the subscribers find the unsubscribe button and hit it, Outlook can’t ensure that you do not send further emails to them by mistake and this can pose a great risk for your brand reputation.

3. Limited list management facility

Outlook doesn’t facilitate list opt-ins or list segmentation facilities, which are vital for list management in any email marketing campaign. Also there is a huge risk of exposing your entire list to all your subscribers, in case you forget marking everyone as BCC (blind carbon copy). Using an email marketing software can help you manage, segment and safe-guard your list much better, enabling you to follow industry best practices. You will also be able to make a churn list based on unsubscribe and add new subscribers directly through APIs.

4. Lack of analytical tools

Outlook doesn’t provide you any analytical tools, thus you are bereft of the crucial insights that uncover the subscribers’ behavioral patterns and interests. Data like – which CTAs have been effective, the most opened and clicked articles or links, the time when maximum people opened your emails or newsletters, etc. can’t be tracked with Outlook unlike email marketing software. These data sets can help understand your consumer and serve them with better content.

We hope these reasons will help you make the crucial transition from Outlook to an email marketing software. Zagomail can not only help you design and code wonderful emails, newsletter templates and landing pages, but also additionally help you integrating the templates with ESPs like Mailchimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and so many more.

So will you still be sending your next set of marketing emails with Outlook? Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment. 

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