What is a good open rate for emails?


ISPs can cause deliverability issues if you have bad open rates. So what are good open rates, and what should you aim for?

We can think of open rates as if they’re hotels: they can range from 5 stars (excellent) to 1 star (not ideal).

What is good open rate

If you want to avoid deliverability issues, you need to aim for an open rate of 20% or more. When your open rates start to go below that, you’ll run into deliverability issues.

If you’re in the 15-19% range, you’ll see occasional deliverability issues. From 10-14%, you’ll have lots of issues and you’ll need to work hard to improve open rates. Open rates below 10% indicate fundamental issues with your mailing list, your content, or both.

If you have good open rates, but still suffer from deliverability issues, there are some other elements you can try to adjust.

Deliverability factors in your control

Experimenting with these elements is entirely within your control. Some of them have a big impact on deliverability, while others aren’t as important as you might think.

The quality of your contact list. This is always important, but if you’re a new sender, or your IP is new, this is all the ISP knows about you.

The frequency and relevancy of your emails. If you send emails every day, ISPs will be stricter with you. You absolutely need to segment your mailing list in this case. Are you sending the same message to everyone? Are you personalizing content? This will have a big impact on engagement and thus deliverability.

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