What are social mentions and the best ways to monitor them


Whether you are a small business that gets little to zero social media interactions, or a brand investing thousands of dollars into its social media presence, you’re most likely talked about by other people online. Every time you appear in other people’s tweets, Facebook updates, or Instagram comments, it counts as a social mention.

Social mention is the reason you are building a robust social media presence. The more people talk about your company online, the bigger brand awareness you have. And brand awareness translates directly to increased sales and your overall position on the market.

Therefore, knowing as much as you can about social mention is a must if you want to grow.

What is a social mention?

Social mention happens when someone posts about a brand or a person on different social media channels.

Social mentions can be positive or negative. Every mention is an opportunity to engage with your audience and get some insights about them.

Social mentions are important to brands on many different levels and we’ll outline some of the crucial use cases down below.

Social mention in reputation management

As I have mentioned above, some businesses are talked about more than the others. That doesn’t change the fact that I believe all of them should keep track of their social mentions.

Building your reputation as a business takes years of dedication and hard work. You need to put a strategy in place to thoughtfully create your brand identity and personality and yet it all can go to waste with one bad move.

That’s because people won’t take a step back when they want to attack you on social media. It’s not that bad when they’re just trying to troll you, but it could do much harm if there’s a genuine reason for them to trash talk you on social.

In such situations, timing is of the essence. If you don’t monitor your social mentions closely, one negative comment can quickly escalate to a PR crisis that’s going to hit you hard.

On the other hand, these are not just bad people out there only waiting for a chance to put you in a bad light. Unless there’s some major fuck up on your side, a majority of social mentions of your brand are probably going to be positive.

Use them to build a stronger relationship with those people. Show them you’re out there listening and willing to help them solve their problem. You can only benefit from such an attitude, and the people you reach out to will be a lot more likely to become your brand ambassadors recommending your product whenever they’re discussing your industry.

Social mention in competitor monitoring

If there are people talking about your business, they are also talking about your competitors.

They might say good things and that’s totally fine, you’re not going to engage such social mentions.

But some social media users are going to say negative things about them. Or ask them for support only to receive no reply in return. That’s when you should come on stage.

Don’t get me wrong – you’re not going to join people attacking your competitors, but if you see your business rivals ignoring people dissatisfied with their service, that’s where you step in. Let them acknowledge you’re there for them and will happily help them out with their problem, as long as you’re capable of doing it, of course.

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