7 Tips To Create Surefire Holiday Cart Abandonment Emails


The holiday season is right around the corner!

Considering that holiday spending is expected to clock a new high of $6.16 billion this year, we hope that your email marketing campaign to capture buyers’ attention is already underway. After all, this low-cost, high-ROI digital marketing channel is your best bet to drive up conversions.

Even so, getting your target audience to your online store doesn’t guarantee sales. According to a study by Statista, 88.05% of all orders are abandoned mid-way.


Even though the rate of cart abandonment varies from study to study, swinging in the range of 55 to 89%, the average rate for 2019 was 77.13%. That’s more than two-thirds of your cart value not converting into sales!

But as it turns out, there is a silver lining after all. This tendency of a majority of buyers to abandon a purchase right before hitting the payment button can be brought down considerably via targeted emails. If used the right way, it can be a game-changer for your business’ cart abandonment woes.


According to a Barilliance study, the average cart abandonment email conversion rate is 8.24% in 2020.

Let’s take a close look at why customers abandon purchases mid-way and the role of targeted email messaging in reversing that trend, especially during the high-rush holiday season!

Why Do Customers Abandon Carts?

Consumers can bounce from the checkout process for a host of reasons. These can range anywhere from poor connectivity to high shipping fees or a complex checkout process. These abandoned purchases can result in losses to the tunes of billions during the holiday sales season.

According to a Retail Dive report, 63% of consumers who abandon their purchases claim that they’re less likely to purchase from a retailer or e-commerce platform after a poor shopping experience. This means you not only risk losing out on one sale but a customer’s loyalty. Half of the customers who abandoned purchase attributed it to a time-consuming checkout process, 41% said it was because the shopping experience wasn’t optimized for mobile devices and 23% blamed it on the checkout process not going through.

Once a buyer abandons a purchase, they’re not likely to follow it through on another device at a later time either. While some of the factors for cart abandonment relate to the sub-par end-user experience, others may be beyond your control. Apart from working to optimize the user experience across devices, the next best thing you can do to turn around sales volumes during the holidays is to give them a nudge by engaging with them in their inboxes.

How to Create Emails that Reverse Cart Abandonment?

Almost every business today leverages cart abandonment emails to some extent. However, not every email leads to conversions. That’s because not all cart abandonment email messages are created equal. To ensure that yours is compelling enough to make the recipient want to act on the CTA, it must contain three key elements:

  • Personalized Messaging: You have to make the consumer feel like the email is talking to them and addressing their specific needs. Personalized tone and messaging are a sure-shot way of achieving that. An email with the customer’s name in the subject line alone can yield a 46.21% open rate. You can make it more impactful by adding the name of the abandoned product into the mix.
  • Timing it Right: One would think that sending an email as soon as a customer abandons cart would be ideal. However, data suggests that sending emails within one hour of an abandoned purchase achieves a conversion rate of 3.14% whereas those sent exactly one hour later can drive 6.33% conversions. Beyond an hour, the efficacy of a cart abandonment email to drive conversion continues to dip consistently. So, this holiday season, plan your abandonment emails accordingly.
  • Right Messaging: Apart from personalization and a clearly defined CTA, your email must also offer something additional of value such as product recommendations, coupons, discount offers that are specific to the holiday spirit or season. Besides, using a responsive design, clean design, highlighting your USPs, and customer reviews can make the messaging more impactful.

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Holiday Cart Abandonment Emails

Sales are the ultimate source of holiday cheer for any business. To make sure your spirits are not dampened by items left sitting in the cart, here are 7 impactful tips to create cart abandonment emails for the holiday season that will give your buyers just the right nudge needed to complete their orders:

1. Discount, But Strategically

holiday email template


Your customers may well be leaving items in their shopping carts as a way to prompt you into offering them a sweeter deal. It is one of the reasons why cart abandonment emails have high open rates – and even more so during the holiday season – when they expect deals and discounts to be raining everywhere!

You can use this to your advantage by offering your buyers small, strategic discounts before announcing a sitewide sale. Just like GoPro has done in this email offering buyers a special bonus that lasts until Christmas and is lucrative enough for anyone who has been holding off a purchase for a better offer.

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